Michael P. Nelson, co-founder/co-director 

(mpnelson@oregonstate.edu) is a Professor of environmental ethics and philosophy from Oregon State University. He holds the Ruth H. Spaniol Chair in Natural Resources and serves as the Lead Principle Investigator for the HJ Andrews Long-Term Ecological Research program in the Oregon Cascades. Michael’s scholarship ranges from the work of Aldo Leopold to the concept of wilderness, from American Indian environmental thought to the philosophy of ecology. Michael is also called upon regularly by organizations and agencies to assist in understanding the ethical implications of management decisions. To learn more about Michael’s professional activities click here.

Stewarding the ethical dimension of conservation, natural resource management, & sustainability

John A. Vucetich, co-founder/co-director 

(javuceti@mtu.edu) is an Associate Professor from Michigan Technological University.  He is an ecologist who specializes in population biology.  He co-leads research on the internationally-recognized wolves and moose of Isle Royale.  John’s field experiences are intensive, and his publications include theoretical aspects of population biology and population genetics and the statistical modeling of ecological data.  John has also served as a science or policy advisor for wolf and ungulate management issues in Alaska, Ontario, Scandinavia, New Mexico, and Michigan.

Meredith L. Gore, associate

(gorem@msu.edu) is an Assistant Professor from Michigan State University. She is a social scientist who specializes in human dimensions of natural resource management, particularly fisheries and wildlife. Meredith’s diverse research interests focus on public perceptions of environmental risk, human-wildlife conflict, risk communication, community-based natural resource management, conservation criminology, international wildlife conservation, and program evaluation. She works with state and federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and international commissions on understanding and integrating the human dimensions of natural resource management into effective decision-making. To learn more about Meredith’s professional activities click here.

Joseph K. Bump, associate

(jkbump@mtu.edu) is an Assistant Professor from Michigan Technological University. He is a wildlife ecologist with special expertise in the relationship between wildlife populations and ecosystem processes. His work has taken him from the Bering Sea to the Netherlands Antilles, and several locations between.  Joseph also has keen insight on how conservation is best manifest as joint venture between the sciences and the humanities.  To learn more about Joseph’s professional activities click here.

Paul C. Paquet

(ppaquet@baudoux.ca) is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, University of Manitoba, and University of New Brunswick.  He is an internationally recognized authority on mammalian carnivores, especially wolves, with research experience in several regions of the world.  He worked as a biologist for the Canadian Wildlife Service for many years.  Now, he is Senior Scientist with Raincoast Conservation Foundation, an international consultant, and lecturer.  He has been conducting field research on wolves and other large mammalian carnivores since 1972, with an enduring interest in applied ecology and environmental philosophy.  Paul has published numerous scholarly and popular articles on the ecology, behavior, and conservation of large carnivores, as well as three books on wolves.  He is a member of several government, industry, and NGO advisory committees concerned with the conservation of biodiversity.  His current research focuses on conservation of large carnivores and the effects of human activities on their survival.  Paul received his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Santa Clara University and his PhD from University of Alberta.

Our Advisors

Kathleen Dean Moore

(kmoore@oregonstate.edu) is an award-winning essayist, philosophy professor, activist, and author or editor of ten books, primarily about our cultural and spiritual connections to wet, wild places. Her latest book of essays, Wild Comfort: A Book of Healing, tells of the wild Earth's power to move us from sorrow to courage and hope. Her latest edited book, Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril (with Michael P. Nelson) collects essays from over 80 ethical luminaries on our obligation to the future.

      Kathleen is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and University Writer Laureate at Oregon State University in Corvallis. She is the founding director of the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word. Its mission is to bring together the practical wisdom of the environmental sciences, the analytic clarity of philosophy, and the emotional power of the written word to re-imagine our relation to the natural world.

     Kathleen also serves on the Board of Directors for the Orion Society and for the Island Institute in Sitka, Alaska.  She lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband Frank, a biologist.  Visit Kathleen’s website here.

About Us

John A. Vucetich

Michael P. Nelson

Meredith L. Gore

Joseph K. Bump

Our Advisors

Paul C. Paquet

Kathleen Dean Moore

Lissy K. Goralnik

Lissy K. Goralnik, associate

(goralnik@msu.edu) is a post-doctoral fellow at Oregon State University.  Lissy holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Idaho, and a PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University.  Her work brings together environmental ethics, experiential education, nature writing, and the ethics of care in order to better understand our relationship with the natural world.  She is interested in the dialog between science and the humanities, and the experiences that might allow a culture to expand their sense of moral inclusion. 

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